When I began visualising the Spring 2015 Collection Lookbook, I kept thinking about the cool blues and crisp whites of the French Riviera. As alluring as an on location shoot in the Coté D’Azur may sound, it was by no means necessary to jump on an airplane to find the perfect backdrop. An article on Silver Bay Villas happened to show up on my social media news feed, and I knew this was the missing link to the Rose & Monroe SS15 Lookbook! A couple of weeks later myself, blogger and model Crisna Coetzee and my right hand lady René from the O co. were on our way to capture the collection. After a short drive from the Winelands we arrived in sleepy Shelley Point, and our final destination Silver Bay Villa. My first impression of this West Coast jewel was the incredible view of the ocean, visible as you approach the house. Opening the wooden front door, it becomes clear that the tranquillity of the surroundings is perfectly reflected in the design and interior.    




A slight breeze picked up mid morning on our first day of shooting, but luckily the house was built in such a way that you can still experience the outdoors without having the wind taken out of your sails. The gigantic glass doors that act as divider between the courtyard pool and kitchen can be folded back entirely, creating a completely wind still space where some of our best shots were taken.


I chose to photograph and style the lookbook myself, as I had such a clear vision of how I wanted each piece to be captured. Needless to say, it was nonstop go from the moment we arrived until the last click of the camera, but if I had to choose one word to best describe the experience we had at Silver Bay Villa, it would be “serene”. Between the elegant comfort of the downstairs bedrooms and the beautiful beach chic upstairs a feeling of ‘coming-home’ is created. Combine this with an almost 360° seascape view and you are guaranteed an unforgettable breakaway in an ethereal setting.


X Izél


*A special thank you to the lovely Susan and her team for making us feel so welcomed. You are one in million!

For more information on the excuisite Silver Bay Villa, have a look at their website: